Revive Your Parenting, CPR for Parents: A Philosophy based on Compassion, Patience, and Respect

by Terry Manrique



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Book Description

Parents want to raise competent, functional human beings. They want to guide their children in their decision making so that they can eventually make great choices on their own.

The challenge is that parents are not taught practical ways to do that and it’s common to end up with an assortment of parenting questions and concerns such as:

  • How do I get my child to go to bed on time?
  • Why won’t they eat what I provide to them?
  • How can I get them to behave in public?
  • Why won’t they listen to me?
  • What’s with all the back-talk?
  • Why don’t they respect us as parents?
  • Am I the only one who doesn’t have this figured out?
  • I want a meaningful relationship with my kids. Why isn’t it happening the way I thought it would?

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In Revive Your Parenting – CPR for Parents, Terry offers several simple and straightforward parenting strategies aimed at helping parents define and elevate their parenting skills. Using the framework of Compassion, Patience, and Respect, (C.P.R.) parents learn how to communicate effectively and consistently with their children.

Terry provides practical tips and techniques as well as examples and coaching questions that get parents thinking about how they can use this simple yet extremely powerful philosophy to empower their parenting immediately. These are the same strategies and tools that Terry uses with her hundreds of coaching clients across the United States.

The bottom line benefit of reading this book is that parents will have practical ways to modify their interactions and communication with their kids today so they can establish lasting, healthy, and meaningful relationships.



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Book Reviews

“My husband and I contacted Terry to help us solve a sleep issue with our daughter. We were so pleased that our work with Terry, using her C.P.R. philosophy has not only solved our sleep issues but given us new strategies to help with other behavioral issues. We are thrilled with the results, which are a much happier, cooperative child and thus, a much happier family.”
~Kim Stamolis
“C.P.R. for Parents is the perfect pocket guide to better parenting. It’s short and to-the-point just like Terry directed us to be when having conflicts with our children. We got to experience the C.P.R. philosophy first-hand with Terry and yes, there were plenty of tantrums when one of our children would not get their way. Now, the tantrums are few and far between because our children know their negative reaction is not going to change the outcome, only their positive choices can. Another reason why I like C.P.R. for Parents is having the book to refer back to and get refocused after a bad day or a rough week with the kids is invaluable. “
~Gina Crooks
“C.P.R. for Parents philosophy is aptly named. Learning it will position you to breathe life back into your family relationships by focusing on its 3 simple core components in your everyday interactions. The book’s length was perfect for me-short chapters’ focus on each core element with reminders, examples and encouragement. It’s a quick read and a good reference as you implement the strategy with your family.
~ Leslie Schafer
“Terry was such a blessing for our relationship and our family. Thanks to C.P.R. for Parents philosophy we are better, more confident parents and spend a lot more time enjoying our kids, instead of yelling at them all the time.”
~Susan Steve
“Terry so generously provides her best practical strategies for modern parenting in this book. Her C.P.R. method reveals brilliant yet simple communication skills that parents can use immediately. While this book is totally applicable for parents of school-age kids, Terry opened my eyes to how early you should start using these skills so this is my new go-to gift for new parents.”
~ Meredith Liepelt


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